My mom had eyes in the back of her head. I never actually saw them, no, but they were there. She always knew what we were up to, behind her back, if you will. True story.superpower

Dad had a superpower, too. He could tie knots, double knots even, with a cherry stem using nothing but his teeth, and tongue, I guess. It was nothing short of miraculous. I remember one time Dad and I decided to put the knot-tying to music while I played “Stars and Stripes Forever” on the piano and Dad danced around, making strange faces as he tied knots with his tongue.

Note: Somewhat surprisingly, the concept never really took off. Maybe we needed costumes.

Some people are born with their Superpowers, like my Dad. Others have to choose and cultivate their Superpowers. Like me.

Note: No, I am not referring to my title as Typing Champion of Northern California (yes, we used to type, not keyboard) or my uncanny ability to eat the most giant salads you can imagine.

Additional Note: I am definitely not kidding about the giant salads.

No, I am referring to my choice to cultivate a Superpower that scientifically increases longevity, reduces pain, improves relationships, increases salary, lowers blood pressure and makes wrinkles disappear.

Note: I am lying about the wrinkles, sadly.

I am talking about the power of GRATITUDE and more specifically, the ability to cognize a situation, then flip it around and RE-cognize it (analyze it again) and find a place of peace and learning and hope. And that is the secret to a happier life!

It may not sound like a Superpower, but it is. 

Note: People have actually paid cash money to hear me speak about it. Imagine that! Getting paid to TALK to a roomful of people who hang on your every word. Holy Moly!

So, try it. I’ll do a little exercise with you. Empty your mind and think of three things for which you are grateful. Empty it!

Okay, I’m ready.

Here goes:  1) Bacon–sweet holy moses, that always happens to me  2) Oleander–because, heck yes and  3) The Smell of the Chocolate Cookies that are baking in my oven, in my beautiful kitchen, in my lovely home in the most beautiful place on earth. You guessed it. Holly Hill!

Go smell the roses and breathe in life. Who knows? You just might develop a Superpower, too!

Oh and P.S. If you want more info about the Superpower of Gratitude, leave a comment! I try very hard to live a grateful life and it can change everything around you. I promise!

Disclaimer:  I can’t promise that your significant other or small children won’t leave dirty socks laying around the living room, sadly.

Okay, Oleander: In an earlier post, you alluded to issues with pond water? Whatever could be the problem?