One Person’s Failure is Another Person’s Lunch

bad-test-takerOleander asks: Did you ever fail a test? How did you handle it?

How did I handle my failure? How does anyone handle failure, really?

cb6fec4455bd79bdd0430adc67c726baSo, yeah. I ate it. Yes, I ate the test. I mean, what else was I supposed to do with the evidence of my failure?

To be fair, it was a one page math test. I could not possibly have eaten an essay-based or multiple-choice test.

Note: Don’t be ridiculous.

And also, it was a C+. I didn’t actually like, fail a test. Oh my goodness, no. An actual failed test never occurred in the history of my lifetime.

And finally, I was in fourth grade. I think maybe I had a problem.


Okay, fine. Maybe all of my problems have yet to be resolved. But I’m working them.

And then, I’ll die.

Well, that’s depressing. I think I’ll go write a sad poem. And eat it.

Heck, yes!


Okay Little Miss Oleander: What are your verbal pet peeves? What weird phrases or things do people say that drive you bonkers?