LOL: Oh, the Hypocrisy

It takes a lot to make me LOL. Maybe it’s just my refined┬ásense of humor or maybe I’m dense, maybe. But I also think that the rest of the social media world is filled with liars. Or exaggerators.

Note: I mean, how many people are literally Rolling On The Floor Laughing Their A$$es Off? (ROFLMAO). I will tell you how many: None. It’s just unhygenic.

Since I rarely laugh out loud unless I’m hanging with Oleander or the DaughterInLaw, who will remain unnamed to protect her dignity identity, I’m more prone to NAG (Nod and Grin) or present a ‘SUP (Slightly Upturned Piehole). Occasionally I have a nice release of GAS (Grin and Snort), but that’s rare indeed.

Note: I’m a lady, after all.

So, what makes me laugh? Out Loud?

Now, this is humor:



I mean, let’s be honest, right? We’ve all been that dog. Been there. Done that.



I am a fan of the humiliating GIF. I mean, this guy. Rubbing the other guy’s knee. With such nonchalance. And the other guy. Look at how he looks at him. And nods, knowingly, like a moment has passed between them.

Note: I am in the midst of an LOL right now.



And Fainting Goats. I totally relate to their overactive startle reflex, a newborn quality I have yet to overcome. They are Myotonic, which is a fancy word for Hilarious. Actually, when surprised, their muscles are triggered to freeze up, which is supposed to be some sort of reflex to protect them from predators. Frankly, I don’t see it.

Unless, of course, their predators are Rolling On Their Floor Laughing Their A$$es Off.

Heck, yes!–Bacon

Okay Oleander, it’s your turn: You handled the Backstreet Boys beautifully. (Handled? That was a weird way to phrase it, right?) Anyway, let’s hear a take on the GIRL pop stars of your generation. Hit Me Baby One More Time, anyone?