Stressed Out: To Infinity and Beyond!

I am looking through a magazine. It is a magazine for women.

Note: Some people still read magazines, you know. Actually, I have several magazine subscriptions. Because I don’t know how to stop them from renewing. They just keep coming. Year after year. To infinity and beyond.

I digress.

The article is providing valuable information on How to Live Well Everyday and it provides 10 Instant Destressors for today’s busy woman.

Note: I may or may not have been using the toilet at the time.

And I may or may not be a busy woman. But I bustle about, here and there, fretting about everything I need to get done, playing the part quite nicely.

And then I find my favorite suggestion of all.
Additional Note: Not really. It’s actually a little odd.

Give yourself a time-out, it says. Set the alarm on your phone for 5 minutes, find a quiet place (even if it’s a bathroom stall) and just sit and breathe deeply.

Really? Sit in a bathroom stall? And breathe deeply? Where other people are doing their business?


Theoretically, however, I could kill a lot of birds with just one stone as I sit in the stall breathing deeply with my clothing unrestricted for obvious reasons while burning a scented to candle to cover the scent of well, you know, and enjoying my sugarless gum and calling a friend on my cellphone to chat because who doesn’t think it’s classy to talk on the phone in a public restroom of all places and laughing, oh yes? There will be laughing.

Note: I think it’s time to figure out how to cancel all those subscriptions.


Heck, yes!

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