Blame Me

Okay. So, I know that just when you got good and hooked on the antics here from Bacon and I, we just up and dis-a-freaking-peared on you. Well, I’m gonna take the bulk of the blame for that. I’ll get into the nitty gritty another time, maybe. But, what’s important is that, starting today, we’re back – overuse of commas and all.

Bacon and I were talking the other day as we determined what the next steps were for Bacon & Oleander. Firstly – we love to blog. We love to write. We love to laugh. But, what makes us unique as a mother-daughter duo is that we feel like, collectively, we can relate to so many women out there. I’m a borderline millennial, working mom of two young kiddos, recently divorced and navigating that whole landscape (you like how I just snuck that in there like it’s totally not a big deal…it’s a big deal. And part of the reason we’ve been MIA as long as we have). So, I feel like there are so many of you out there who I can find common ground with and relate.

And then, there’s Bacon. Bacon is 20 years my senior, finished raising her own kiddos and killing is it as a grandma to her 4 grandkids. She’s a historical docent who conducts tours for local schools and groups in her home town, she bakes birthday cakes for underprivileged kids, heads up a major youth organization in the Bay Area, and still manages to keep my flowers from dying. But she’s got a totally unique perspective on how life changes as you get older (note: I did not say she’s old!) and move through different struggles that come with that middle ground in life between who you were and who you’ll be.

It’s so interesting how each decade of life seems to bring a new opportunity to refresh your view of what you want and who you are and who you want to be. And who isn’t having a hard time navigating the fear and excitement and anger and sadness and peace that comes along with making those decisions and moving forward? Life’s a trip, guys!

So, as Bacon and I talked, we realized that we primarily want to be a blog that makes you laugh, a blog that helps point out the hilarious things going on around you each day that you might be missing, and a blog that helps adjust your view a bit to focus on the good, or at least twist the bad and the ugly to be less painful. But, above all, we want to be real. We want to share our struggles, our successes, and our unique perspectives with you – as women, as mothers, as daughters, and as friends.

So, I hope you’ll join us and share your own stories, ask us the tough questions, and allow us to be real.

Real. Funny. Women. (We hope).

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