Yo: Wake Up You Need to Make Money!

Ah, Memories.


Memory Foam. In Action. Because it really doesn’t forget, apparently. And it’s funny.

Fellow blogger Quirky Girl nominated BaconandOleander for the 3 Days Quote Challenge, with the topic of Memories of Yesterday. (Check her out–she’s pretty hilarious!) Being the more nostalgic of the two of us (read: older), Oleander threw the ball into my court, which I will consolidate into one, glorious day of remembering. Stuff.

Note: Speaking of balls thrown into courts, I will be attending the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS play-off game tonight to cheer on my neighbor, who will not be playing due to injury.

Additional Note: Okay, fine. He’s not my real neighbor, but he lives in my neighborhood.

Additional Note to the Note: Technically, neighborhoods encompass a fair amount of area.

Anyway, Memories of Yesterday. 

Twenty-One Pilots. Their take on Memories:

P.S. They might be geniuses.

Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.

We’re stressed out.

We used to play pretend, give each other different names,
We would build a rocket ship and then we’d fly it far away,
Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face,
Saying, “Wake up, you need to make money.”


There’s magic in being a kid. You get to be the center of the universe. And you had proof, too. If you needed tucking in, there was Mama. If you needed a boo-boo kissed, there was Gramma. If you needed a good game of horse on the backyard hoop, there was Pops. Or whoever. But there was somebody. You didn’t work. You played. Playing was your job. Even the moon orbited around you.

IMG_3842I miss being a kid.

Note: Are your memories in black and white? I kind of think mine might be. And a little fuzzy, too. Like an old movie camera. Which also means everything is going really fast so the movie-taker can get in as much action as possible in two minutes, thirty seconds.

And then you have kids. And you realize that the world is a dangerous place for your sweet cherubs.


And then something magical happens.  The imperfection of life kinda fades and memories become your best friend. The grass was greener, the sky bluer, the possibilities in a day were endless. Your parents never argued. Christmases were perfect. Your own kids weren’t so hard to potty train. Your crappy job wasn’t that crappy.

It’s as if the Men in Black arrived at your doorstep and just sort of flashed away the hard times, leaving you basking in the beauty that is life.

Note: And it is MY DREAM to have Will Smith at my doorstep for any reason whatsoever!

Heck, yes!


The rules for this challenge are simple. For the three days you just need to post a quote or if you wish you can post all three quotes on the same day.

You then nominate three other bloggers each day to participate in this challenge and inform them about it.

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Nominees, you are under no obligation to accept this challenge…but Quirky Girl has offered up cake!

And Oleander: So, Hypochondria?

There are Tears and then there are Disney Tears

Imagine this scene, if you will: I’m sitting at our bar height table having a late lunch. Hub and the kids are sitting on the couch in front of me watching Toy Story 3. You know, the end part where they are all about to be incinerated (this can’t possibly be a spoiler alert, the movie came out in 2010) and they all hold hands, ready to go down together. And all of the sudden I shout “Stupid toys!” Hub whips around to find me sitting there, tears all over my face, my sandwich, my shirt. I’m a MESS, guys.

This is my Disney life. Something about those carefully crafted stories and songs is guaranteed to make me well up in tears. And each time, knowing how ridiculous I am, I call it out – “Stupid Nemo,” “Stupid Rapunzel and her ventriloquy,” (seriously, even that scene makes me tear up), “Stupid Up” (yes, the entire movie), “Stupid baby lion and his dead dad.” But, of course, I love them all. They also have magic, and hope, and friendship. And that’s what Disneyland has, too. Only on epic levels. You leave your life and stress behind and enter a world of magic, and hope, and friendship. I mean, Walt put it on the door: FullSizeRender_2And it’s true. Every where you go is a fully immersive adventure – be it a Haunted Mansion, Pirate Caves, Star Transporters, or visiting Radiator Springs.

After a day or two there, you start to realize that the magic has become a part of you and you start realizing you’ll have to leave soon. And that’s when it happens. You start hoarding souvenirs – because that’s the only way you can remember this feeling. By buying ALL the things. And as you lay in your hotel at night, belly full of Matterhorn Macaroons and Dole Whip, surrounded by stuffed Mickeys and [now] lightsabers, you feel safe. FullSizeRender_1But, then it happens, just as quickly as it came, it’s time to go home. No more nightly fireworks. No more parades. No more riding Astroblasters 15 times a day because your young son can’t get enough of Buzz Lightyear. No more hearing the magic of jaunty music everywhere you go. No more lines that are, kind of, a delight to wait in. And then, at least for me, the tears. FullSizeRender“Stupid Disney.”

9988335-131018604_10-s1-v1 Oleander

Okay, Bacon, we’ve been challenged by a reader and fellow blogger Quirky Girl to the 3 Days Quote Challenge with the topic of Memories of Yesterday. (She broke the mold and gave us license to do three quotes in one day – so that’s what I wanna see).