Timey-Wimey Stuff


But first, let me take a #selfie

So, Bacon has challenged me to share where when I’d go and with whom if I had a time machine. And I’m really hoping that the time machine is a 1983 DeLorean…

I’d like to note that I’ve watched enough Star Trek to know that time paradoxes are not something to be messed around with. But I’ve also watched enough Doctor Who to know that:
fd44921441d32e180a329eecfed54f1cAnd then there’s all that business about a butterfly flapping its wings in Toronto and causing a hurricane in Australia (wait…that’s not right…).

So, suffice it to say that I had to work through some stuff before I could determine an answer to this prompt. And here’s what I decided:

I’m going to the future! At least 100 years, but probably 150. I want to be well beyond my life span. But I want to know what shakes out with all this global warming business and if we all end up in scooter chairs like in WALL-E.

And I’m definitely taking Bacon with me. No one else will appreciate my snarky commentary quite like her. And she’s also the only person I know who would agree to half 2/3 of our luggage being taken up with Diet Coke. No way am I going to a future without Diet Coke.il_fullxfull.792656362_afhd

thirsty  Oleander

Bacon: Ikea

One thought on “Timey-Wimey Stuff

  1. Bacon says:

    Oh, I’ll be there. And I can’t wait to race you in a scooter chair. Ah, yes. More life lessons from George Constanza …


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