The Preposterous Premise: A Passion for the Phenome, or Pink Pants, I Forget.

If Peter Paver placed a plethora of pretty pavers to pave a patio on Holly Hill, Then how many pavers did Peter Paver place?

Note: This post may be particularly pleasant to people prone to the pleasing presence of such a preposterous post premise as alliteration.

My penchant for pavers has potentially peaked with the placement of pavers on the paths and patios here at Holly Hill.

Note: As previously presented, I have a penchant for naming places, particularly those places in which I park my pompous bum.

Additional Note: My bum is far from pompous, but provided the possibility of using “pompous” in a post is too perfect to pass up!

Additional Note to the Note: Perhaps it would be more pleasing if my professional paver placers wore pink pants.


Note: Not my actual Paving Professional, Sadly.

Another Note, I am Losing Track: I promise I am not a pervert. Pink Pants provide plenty of hits to the post. Sorry, people. The truth can be painful.

So, Peter the Paver planned and plotted, then picked and prepared and finally packed and prodded and placed the pavers, using more of our precious precipitation in one week for this procedure than I have used in the previous six month period, I kid you not.

The answer to the question, then?

If Peter Paver placed a plethora of pretty pavers to to pave a patio on Holly Hill, Then how many pavers did Peter Paver place?

a)  Plenty

b)  Probably 20 pa-jillion

c)  Potentially enough to purchase a Plymouth or a Pontiac, if either still existed.

Answer: All of the above, probably excluding the pa-jillion, but precious few digits provide the pleasure of the letter P.


Actual photograph of an actual Pontiac actually procured in 1989 with the actual Hub. The Pavers definitely cost more than the Pontiac. Definitely.

Please let this be over. I am so done here–BaconIMG_3814

Oleander, you are up: Let’s hear about a few life lessons from George Constanza.


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