Guilt: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Note: Bacon got tired of waiting for Oleander’s post and hijacked it during the editing process. Bacon’s nonsensical comments are in italics, of course.

I h63916276ad the weekend to review my guilty pleasures…and I’ve come to one of two conclusions:

  1. I have a lot more guilt than is necessary. (Oleander would make an excellent Catholic)
  2. I am very easily amused. (Oleander would make an excellent three year-old)

So, without further ado:


Diet Soda. I drink too much. (Note: Oh, the strange irony of a teetotaler who drinks too much! ) By anyone’s definition (except for maybe Bacon and The Hub – they get me). My real weakness is Diet Mountain Dew, but pretty much any diet soda will fit the bill.

Where I live, we have this magical place called Sodalicious that is, literally, just a soda fountain drive through where they mix soda with delightful flavors (and sometimes half and half). My favorite is called Persephone and it’s Diet Dew with pomegranate syrup and fresh lime. Also great is the “Just Friends” which is Diet Coke with pineapple and coconut syrups. I might be drooling.

Donuts. Nothing cures what ails me like a good ol’ fashioned donut (literally, old fashioned are my favorite). (Note: Never mind the irony of pairing it with a Diet Soda.)

w310_calm3-1368572391TV Shows

DWTS (Dancing with the Stars). Okay, so I don’t know exactly what it is about this show. I could just be that Tom Bergeron is so great at his job. Note: Tom Bergeron is a freaking genius. I’d do him. (Just checking to see if you are paying attention!) And also…you really learn to care about the “stars”. Watching people learn to master something they never thought they’d be good at or would try is terribly inspiring. I know, I just used the word inspiring for DWTS…but, it is.

Pretty Little Liars. Yes. I’m a full grown adult who is still watching a teen drama. But, once you start…you have to see this whole thing through. (Note: In all fairness, you’ve been watching it since you were a teen. Talk about drawn-out!)  Even though it’s got more plot holes then you can count.


Taylor Swift. I was decidedly not a fan of hers when I was younger…but I’ve learned the error of my ways. (Note: Come on now, just shake it off.)

BSB. You all know my love for The Backstreet Boys has never waned.

Finally …

Bargain hunting. Hub and I have a known love for getting a good deal. He has trained me in his ways. If we have a date night, you’ll find us out at thrift stores finding hidden gems. There is hardly anything in my house that doesn’t have a story behind where/how we found it or got a good deal on it. It drives Bacon bonkers sometimes. (Note: Sometimes a deal isn’t a deal even if it seems to be a deal just because it looks like a deal. Back away from the deal.)


Bacon: How many pavers does it take to pave if the paving is done at Holly Hill?

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