Listen up ye Land Lubbers: There be Pirates in these blog pages

Most people wouldn’t know this at first glance, but piracy (the floating, looting kind, not the movie/music-stealing kind) is in my blood. It’s been passed down through generations of scalawags  1 generation of inexplicable pirate fascination.

Note: Perhaps this is why I gave the pirate/marauder category so much love

In fact, many moons ago I had an encounter that went like this:

I was heating up my lunch at work (in a microwave that, oddly, was in the middle of the room where everyone worked). I was looking around the room when I spotted an earring that I had lost about 3 days prior. I yelped with joy as I walked over to collect it and explained to my co-workers that I had lost it and found myself getting ready for bed to find I had only one earring.

To this, my co-worker replied, “Like a pirate?”

At which point, I got a little too chatty (what else is new) and proceeded to tell him that I had always wanted to be a pirate. And that it was my mom’s fault – she had passed it down to me. And that she almost got to be a pirate once because she had to wear a patch; but it was a white, gauzy patch and not the kind that pirates get to wear.

My food was done at this point in my pirate rantings, so I turned to leave the room and as I exited, I heard my co-worker responding to my story, “Of course, because we all know that the desire to be a pirate is genetic.”

And if you need proof, long before the days where Johnny Depp made being a pirate on fleek (did I do that right? Is fleek reserved specifically for eyebrows?), for my 4th birthday (you know, the first birthday you get to have a say in), I requested a Pirate Party.


Avast my pirate heart, I was one adorable young swashbuckler.

I’ve been working tirelessly to pass down my pirate love to one of my children. No notable success yet. But, they are young. There is time.

Because, after all, we all know that the desire to to be a pirate is, in fact, genetic.


Bacon: You are a woman of many talents. But, tell us, what is one talent you weren’t blessed with that you wish you had. And why?

2 thoughts on “Listen up ye Land Lubbers: There be Pirates in these blog pages

  1. Bacon says:

    First of all, a confession: In my younger days I may have been a user of Napster, thus piracy runs in my blood in many levels. The gauzy eyepatch was later replaced with a REAL pirate eyepatch, which The Hub never noticed. And finally, the pirate gene is gender related. It will be manifest when a daughter reaches the pirate age of maturation, 4. That pretty much covers it.

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