I’m Not Emotionally Equipped to Deal with a Loud Chewer and other pet peeves that I completely forgot

funny,dieren,tekening,tekeningkleur,tekst,cartoon-6651f4156d1a8c52640972f2632a9024_hOleander is a freaking mind reader. She wants to know my pet peeves–which is the exact question I was going to ask her. In fact, I have been taking mental note of my peeves as I have contemplated challenging her with this query, which leaves me remarkably ready to tackle this post.
Except for one thing.

I forgot.

I forgot my pet peeves. How is this even possible? And the post was going to be mind-blowing. Hilarious. Witty and grand, even.

But for the life of me, I can’t remember what irritates me. Oh, and there are plenty of things, believe you me. If I could just remember.

Actually, this forgetfulness thing is getting pretty irritating, because it’s not just my pet peeves that I have forgotten. Oh, no. After three months of fruitless searching, I finally found Oleander’s Christmas present under my bed where I always hide Christmas presents. I suggested I would bring her the gift the next time I flew out for a visit.

But I forgot.

Like the other day. I was driving. It was a spectacular spring day. This time of year, the hills are covered with the most exquisite shades of green. As I admired the view, I made my way to the freeway entrance and headed out. Except I started wondering where in the heck am I going?

I also spend a lot of time wandering around my house, ending up (often downstairs, often in my ridiculously-oversized laundry room) looking for something. That much I know for sure. So I stand there, frozen. Bah!

What’s going on with my brain?

The internet tells me that I may be suffering the effects of waning estrogen levels. The internet tells me that these sorts of problems are to be expected in women my age. The internet is lucky that I can’t wring its paltry little neck. I cringe at the inference that I am old
not as young as I used to be. It’s very aggravating.


Aggravate. Irritate. Annoy.

Why, it might even peeve me, yes!

Bingo. At least I accomplished one thing with this rambling post. I identified my pet peeve!

I can’t stand it when I forget stuff.

With sincere regards, Bacon

Okay Oleander: Tell us about the scariest movie you’ve ever seen, and why. And I think you might know where I’m going with this one …


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