Hello? Is Adele There? Hello?

Hello? Hello? Adele, is that you? HELLO?

Note: First, dear reader(s), telephone1please understand that I am protected by the First Amendment right to free speech and I am also aware of my right to Plead the Fifth, but that sounds so darned needy.  There are other important rights and amendments, too, which I will use as necessary to protect myself from the onslaught of negative emotion headed my way.

Note: Oleander knows my dark secret.And now you may be privy. To the inner workings. Of my darkest thoughts, sorta.

I will just say it, then.

I’m just not into Adele.

Note: Yes, I heard the audible gasp.

There it is. Out there. In the universe, likely to be picked by aliens light years away in 2098 who will also gasp! What!??! She’s not into Adele?

Note: However, I would like to hear John Travolta introduce her sometime, yes.

Interestingly, perhaps it’s the singular name business itself that turns me off. Cher? No thanks. Charo? Enya? Bono? Even Madonna isn’t my style.

Actually, I like the empowered Adele. I like the Adele that “rumor has it”  is stealing your guy. You go, Glen Coco.

Note: Mean Girls references makes every post more outstanding.

But this moaning. Someday I’ll find Someone Like You, But in the meantime, I shall wallow.  I mean, good grief You’re stronger than that, girl! You’re freakin’ Adele! And Hello? Hello? I’ve called you 27 times today. Why haven’t you picked up?

Yes, I understand the meaning of the song Hello. It’s about reconnecting, not stalking. And that’s excellent. I’d just like to feel happier about it. Where’s the joy? 

I’m really not looking for deep meaning in my musical life.  I’m looking for joyful music to backup montages of dogs chasing their tails and cats getting their heads stuck in paper bags. I’m looking for music to make me bust a move in the grocery store or to dance to at a professional ball game, yes.

Note: Can’t touch this.

Now, that’s music.

Heck, yes!

Okay, Oleander: I’d like to get the truth about Fargo. As in, North Dakota, from someone who has actually lived there AND adopted the accent, now and then, you know.

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