I’m not really sure when it happened, but Bacon instilled a weird trait in me. We name our houses. Wherever we live has to be dubbed with some sort of unique moniker. Perhaps this helps with bonding? I don’t know. But, my backyard walks out to a surprisingly large pond. Having grown up the Bay Area in California, water makes me feel at home, so this little place really brings me joy.

When we were getting ready to move, I tried on a few names for the house. I liked simply The Pond best. But, somehow, my son really took to The Duck House. And, for those of you who aren’t parents yet, you’ll learn that what your kid’s want pretty much always trumps –

Side note: have you noticed how trump now feels like a dirty word to use?

– what you want. So, The Duck House stuck. And, it’s pretty appropriate considering there are somewhere between 30-60 ducks that frequent the pond.

We moved into The Duck House in August. So, this is our first spring quackin’ it up. Over the winter, the pond froze and the ducks were pretty much nowhere to be seen until the thaw.

Side note: The hub did have the audacity to go walk on the frozen pond at one point. He said he saw the ducks all huddled together off in a protected area. I cannot confirm nor deny. 

But, as spring has approached, the ducks have emerged. Their happy quacks can be heard at all hours of the day (you’d be shocked how accurate that duck quack timer sound on your iPhone is). And it’s been very interesting to watch how differently ducks act in spring. The ducks do not spend time together in their big group like they did at the end of the summer. They have paired off.

Wherever you see one duck, you are sure to see another. The male duck always 2-3 steps behind the female duck. If other male ducks get close, they are attacked. My 2-year old daughter found this to be hilarious yesterday. We went out to feed the ducks and they came up on the bank of the pond. But one male got too close to another duck’s lady – and he nipped that duck’s tail until they were clear across the pond.

Moreover (and what I think Bacon really wanted me to write about) was some of the odd behavior I’ve seen from the ducks. I, admittedly, know nothing about duck mating habits – aside from the fact that you don’t mess with another duck’s lady. But I did witness what may have been such a habit the other day. Although it looked much more like attempted murder. A male duck was pecking at the head of his inamorata until her head was fully submerged. At which point he sat on top of her, holding her underwater until she came flailing up to the surface. But, it appeared that no ducks were harmed.

The animal kingdom is a weird place. I also need to decide how I’m going to answer my four-year old when he asks, “Mommy, what are those ducks doing?”

And Bacon, your next topic. One word: Adele

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