FIT as a FIDDLE: Fitbit vs AppleWatch


As Oleander is aware, I’m a counter by nature. I count things a lot, like how many cars I see on a certain stretch of road every time I drive it, or the number of turkeys pooping in my yard. I count the stairs in each level of a parking garage and how many times The Bachelor saysAmazing.’

I don’t really mean to do so. It just happens.

Note: It has become abundantly clear to me that I need serious help.

So, the concept of fit-ness trackers that actually count stuff for me seems like a perfect fit for my healthy, active lifestyle  

The intent of the trackers is to simply motivate normal people to get off their collective lazy bums and move more.

Note: There is also a chance that I might not be normal.

Further, and I hate to admit this, I might actually be afraid of my fitness trackers. They are fixated on everything I do. It’s their only job. My Apple Watch activity app is always screaming at me, ‘Stand up! Stand up!‘ And I do so want to please my Apple Watch, but the pilot has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign.

My Fitbit is less demanding of me. It’s more of an enabler for my feeble fitness attempts. It sometimes gives me steps I don’t deserve, such as when I’m flipping hotcakes or playing my ukulele. And It gives me a weekly report with smiley faces and frowny faces like a gosh darned kindergartener.

Note: I love those smiley faces.

It also bothers me that neither device is really waterproof. I move around a lot in the shower what with all the washing and scrubbing and rinsing. I would like credit for all that business.

Ultimately, I guess the jury is still out.I love all the apps available for my AppleWatch, but I enjoy the simplicity of my Fitbit.  And I’m open to expanding my horizons and to wearing even more fitness gadgets. So if the folks at Garmin or Misfit or Jawbone want to throw me one, I’ll wear it. I’ve clearly got no respect. I’ll wear them all.

Proudly. And obediently.

Oleander Challenge: The ice has melted from your pond and the ducks are feeling their moxy.

Note: I have no clue what I just said.

Anyway, you seem to be learning a lot about them, such as but not limited to their “springtime” rituals. Wink, wink. Let’s hear it. I see some PG-13 content headed our way!

2 thoughts on “FIT as a FIDDLE: Fitbit vs AppleWatch

    • therealdizza says:

      Random intellectualism! I have a question for you, little one. First, empty your mind. Of everything. No kids, no drones, no pilates. Now … what’s the first word that comes to your mind? That is how you shall be known! Sort of. Love to all!


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