So, readers, let me share something with you. Bacon is one of the smartest people I know. Really, she’s clever and smart and really comma savvy. Also, she’s a really great cook. But, she doesn’t know that for sure (despite the fact that we tell her so and she runs a pretty successful catering operation). Because she doesn’t eat anything she cooks. This is mostly out of necessity. When you have celiac disease, you choose life and longevity of your internal organs versus gluten…but this means she’s missing out on some of the joys of those of us who stuff our faces with things like fried chicken. So, if you thought she’s a crazy person for not understanding the joy of Chick-fil-A, maybe you are at least somewhat sympathetic to her Chick-fil-A confusion.

Now, onto the topic at hand. At first glance, I can see where one might look at the menu and go…but it’s just chicken. Why are there 50 people in line at the drive through and why is Stephen Curry in the drive through (true story, we’ll let Bacon share more another time). Because it’s that good. It’s like saying In-N-Out is just burgers. Maybe…but they are really good burgers.

Aside: Notice how Chick-fil-A is three syllables connected by dashes? Notice how In-N-Out is, too? Coincidence?

As someone who has had a lot of fast food in my day, I’ve tried chicken from everywhere. I’ve had nuggets from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Sonic, and Carl’s Jr (Hardee’s if your in the midwest somewhere). I’ve had those weird chicken fries from Burger King. And, of course, I’ve had chicken from KFC. And the chicken at Chick-fil-A is better than all of those. Something about most fast food chicken is reminiscent of particle board. Like pieces of chicken were put in a blender and then smashed together inside of a clamp until it became one. Then fried. But, Chick-fil-A doesn’t do this. They give you tender, juicy pieces of chicken with a surprisingly low calorie count.

12-count nuggets for 400 calories? Chicken cool wrap for 340? This is something people can actually have for lunch/dinner without ruining a diet! Seriously. If you remove Shakes and Fries (and their breakfast biscuits) from the equation, you can’t even order something over 600 calories.

So, Bacon, you still may be feeling bewildered as to why your neighbor (we use that term pretty generously, readers), Steph, is hitting up Chick-fil-A, but it’s probably because he’s trying to hit his protein goal without making him feel sluggish for his drills.

And my condolences that you can’t eat the delicious chicken there. But, go have a diet lemonade and you’ll already be halfway to “getting it.”


Bacon Challenge: I know you’ve been wearing two fitness trackers as of late. An Apple Watch and a Fitbit. What’s the verdict?

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