I don’t know why-or even when, exactly- that bacon became my default word. And by default, I mean the word that comes to my mind when nothing else is there, which is, quite sadly, far too often.

It is rather ironic, yes, that bacon is such an integral part of my mindset. I neither eat bacon nor consume pork products, generally, unless it gives me an excuse to use a comma. Note: I apologize about the abundance of the commas. But how I love ‘the comma.’

But I’m not alone in this strange relationship with bacon. Others before me have said it better, if that is possible:

“Give me bacon or give me death.” –Patrick Henry

“Let them eat bacon.“–Marie Antoinette

Bacon is a girl’s best friend.”–Marilyn Monroe, sorta

As much as Oleander is a weird choice for my co-hort, Bacon is hardly the expected ‘handle‘ for me and let’s be honest, I’m just impressed that I can use the word ‘handle‘ in a sentence without breaking out with “10-4 Good Buddy” which may indicate that I am definitely not a millennial. (Note: The use of the comma makes periods almost unnecessary!)

We actually consumed a lot of pork when I was a kid. Dad built a pigpen near the barn and we raised them and slaughtered them and hung them from a dastardly hook in the garage to drain their blood. I’ve seen many-a Wilbur swaying there in the summer breeze, ready to become my supper.

Note: Dad pretty much ruined my aspiring social life.

This experience, actually, may explain the whole ‘bacon‘ thing. It’s probably the ghosts of pigspast haunting me, calling me, when my mind is silent. Bacon. Bacon. 

So, like Oleander, I’m not what you’d expect. I’m more. Whatever that means. I’m interested in everything. Seriously, everything. Especially things that are interesting. I have a dog, six birds and goats. Note: I don’t really have goats. But I find them to be very interesting! I like to cook and hike and make string art or whatever I find to be … yes, you guessed it.


So, Oleander. Here’s your topic: What’s the deal with Chick-fil-A? I mean, doesn’t it taste like … chicken?


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